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Dominion v8 is a PHP universal database abstraction layer to develop rapid portable and compatible applications connecting to any freeware or commercial databases. You no longer need to write proprietary SQL sentences, but can use portable objects that give you the power to change the database engine without rewriting a single line of code.


Recent releases

  •  28 Mar 2012 00:50

    Release Notes: The definition of a table can be loaded from an XML file instead of creating the instances. DB_TableExport has been implemented to export the definition and the content of a table under XML format. An error has been removed from DB_Table->doSelectCondition: the simple field order was not working. DB_FieldInteger.createValue has been modified to always return an integer. DB_FieldReal.createValue has been modified to always return a formated real with a decimal dot to protect automatic locales with commas.

    •  24 Oct 2011 19:57

      Release Notes: DB_Record and DB_Records have been implemented in the whole code. Old code should be compatible, since they are implemented with Array, Iterator, and Count to simulate normal arrays on results. Many minor bugs have been removed from DB_Date and DB_utime. All the objects are now serializable (except DB_Base and DB_Cursor). DB_Table->doInsert now returns the inserted key automatically.

      •  24 Aug 2010 18:09

        Release Notes: DB_Base has been rewritten to simplify the code, to use WAMessage and a single throwable error. All the set* methods now return $this for chaining. DB_Cursor has been Integrated with WAMessage. DB_Check, DB_Field*, and DB_Table are now extended from WAClass, the debug has been implemented, and the classes are now serializable: a full serialized table descriptor can now be stocked in any cache at any level. DB_FieldLOB has been added.

        •  17 Aug 2010 18:13

          Release Notes: The DB_Date and DB_uTime objects have been rebuilt to use static messages and with the ability to chain methods. The compare functions of DB_Date have been rebuilt based on the Julian day difference. DB_Date->setYear now accepts year 0. The default time zone is now set with the server default time zone. Inner Domcore has been upgraded to version 1.00.05.

          •  04 Aug 2010 19:26

            Release Notes: Dominion has been separated from DomCore, DomList, and DomMask; they are now 4 independent projects. This release uses 1.00.04 of DomCore. DB_Date and DB_uTime are now extended from WAClass, and serial() and unserial() were implemented. DB_Base and DB_Cursor are now extended from WAObject since they are not serializable.


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