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Dokeos is a Web application to manage learning and collaboration activities. It allows the teacher/trainer to create content, to structure activities along a sequenced path, to interact with students/trainees, and to follow their progress. It has been translated into 31 languages, and is used by more than 3500 organizations worldwide.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  15 Jun 2008 00:24

    Release Notes: Stability was improved greatly.

    •  21 Apr 2008 02:48

      Release Notes: Templates have been added. There are Wide Hotspots tests to allow real-life situations simulation. Flash video import and streaming have been added. The Assignments form now fills automatically with the document title and username. The document authoring space is bigger. IMS/QTI export of tests has been added. Export of media (images, Flash, audio) and tests in SCORM export has been added. Agenda default time management for events has been improved. The Oogie PowerPoint converter setup has been simplified.

      •  20 Apr 2006 21:09

        Release Notes: This is a security bugfix release. It has basically the same features as previous 1.6 versions (1.6.0 to 1.6.3), but adds some bugfixes.

        •  14 Jul 2005 15:09

          Release Notes: This release adds more complete translations (30 languages), a "Who is online" list, improved tools (learning path, agenda, document management, administration section, course management), a new system to add plugins, API libraries, interoperability with SCORM, XML, and IEEE LOM Metadata, importation of Hotpotatoes tests, and campus homepage online editing.

          •  15 Jul 2004 02:48

            Release Notes: The major feature of the release is the new Learning Path Builder. This allows your documents, tests, activities, and agenda items to be integrated into a learning sequence that the student/trainee will follow step by step. You can sequence it, impose pre-requisites, and articulate a "Table of Contents" philosophy with a Socio-constructivist activities-based learning. IMS 1.1, Scorm 1.2, and Scorm 2004 courses may now be imported into Dokeos in one click in the Path tool. Scorm and IMS are standards for generating content that is context-independent and pedagogically sequenced.

            Recent comments

            14 Jul 2004 09:28 antiochus25

            New features in Dokeos 1.5.4
            Dokeos 1.5.4 includes the following new features

            I. New features

            1. LEARNING PATH BUILDER : This is the major feature of the release. Your documents, tests, activities, agenda items can be integrated into a learning sequence that the student / trainee will follow step by step. You can sequence it, impose pre-requisites, articulate a 'Table of Contents' philosophy with a Socio-constructivist activities-based learning.

            2. SCORM & IMS IMPORT : you can import IMS 1.1, Scorm 1.2 and Scorm 2004 courses into Dokeos in one click in the Path tool. Scorm and IMS are norms to generate content that is context-independent and pedagogically sequenced.

            3. LIVE CONFERENCE : if you have to give a lecture to 5-5.000 people immediately and cannot gather them together or be physically at the same place, use the live conferencing tool. It offers audio + presentation + chat. Your speech reaches the audience remotely through a simple internet connection, your presentation is shown on their computers and they can ask questions to you by chat.

            4. DROPBOX : share content, keep track of versions and decide who you want to collaborate with, using this simple peer2peer tool.

            5. CONTEXTUAL HELP : Every tool includes a Help explaining how to use it and offering good practices proposals.

            6. STUDENT VIEW SWITCH : in Dokeos, the student or trainee view and the teacher or leader view have always been similar : it is the same page with different options. Now you can switch as a teacher to a fake 'student view' so that you know exactly how your course will appear to them.

            7. MY AGENDA : the student/trainee can acces to 'My Agenda'. This tool shows, in a monthly view, all the events of the courses he/she is registered to and links to them.

            8. NEW WYSIWYG EDITOR : Dokeos integrates HTMLAREA, a WYSIWYG (What You See Is WHat You Get) editor. This transforms form fields into a real Web Page Authoring tool looking like Ms-Word and allowing you to create web pages on the fly, including sophisticated layout (bullet lists, fonts, colors, etc.), tables, links and images.

            9. ONE CLICK TO TOOL : on top right of your screen, you can now click from one tool to access directly another tool without passing through the course home page.

            10. ADMIN : the admin has been completely rewritten. You can now easily add users one by one or by lists (using CSV or XML formatted lists); connect Dokeos to your LDAP directory; create classes of users to associate them to a course in one click and more.

            II. Improvements

            1. DOCUMENTS INTEGRATED : web pages and images appear under the Dokeos banner. Images can be viewed as a Gallery for easier selection. You can save the document to edit it locally, the Table of Contents tool has been removed as all its features are now in the Learning Path Builder.

            2. CONFIDENTIALITY : you can decide if students can self-register, if teachrs are allowed to create courses etc.

            3. SECURITY : documents are not available anymore through simple URL. The system checks who wants to see the document and if he/she is allowed to.

            4. 31 LANGUAGES AVAILABLE : including all E.C. countries languages. The whole list is : Arabic, Brazilian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, English, English Org (companies and public administration vocabulary), Finnish, French, French Org, Galician, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovenian, Spanish, Spanish (Latin America), Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese.

            5. FORUMS EMAIL NOTIFICATION & THREADED VIEW : users can decide if they want to see a discussion as a flat list of messages (all messages answer the previous one) or as threads or 'trees' (you can decide to which message you answer in the list). They can also choose to get email notification of the answers to their post.

            6. FORUMS AND AGENDA ATTACHMENTS : you can link an agenda event or a forum message to an existing resource. As everything as an address on the web, this means you can potentially link to anything. Linking things is another word for structuring them.

            7. MATHEMATICS RENDERING : you can now type mathematics inside the WYSIWYG editor using LaTeX code. This will be displayed on the student's screen as real mathematics formulas (a plugin is, alas, required here).

            8. MULTIMEDIA TESTS : to satisfy medicine and language teachers, multimedia features have been added to the Tests tool. This means you can now create a Listening comprehension by adding a sound file to start a quiz, or ask questions on Lung Cancer adding a piture of this disease on top of the question.

            9. ANNOUNCEMENTS TO SOME USERS : you can now send an email to some users or some groups only.

            10. USERS PICTURES : users can add pictures of themselves. These pictures are used in the chat and the Users list to make them more colloquial.

            11. LAYOUT : an effort has been made on the look of the software. All styles (fonts, colors, etc.) are managed by a unique CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) that has been redesigned and that you can edit to adapt the tool to your own requirements. Read the new Admin Manual to know how to configure the layout.

            12. CORRECTION OF MANY BUGS AND INTERFACE PROBLEMS : helped by the community and a long article written at Free University of Brussels, we have improved both the consistency and the behaviour of the software : position of the buttons, sequence of operations, documents opening in the same window under the Dokeos banner for a better integration, etc.


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