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DocWiz allows you to easily add JavaDoc comments to your Java source code. With DocWiz, there's no need to tediously hand-format JavaDoc comments, adding tags and comment structures for each method. DocWiz provides a list of all the fields, methods, interfaces, and classes defined in a Java source file. You can click on any of these code elements to display a fill-in form for information about code elements. In addition, DocWiz shows you an icon for uncommented code segments.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  16 Sep 2001 07:03

    Release Notes: JDK 1.2 compatibility restored and formatting problem with @param tags fixed.

    •  08 Sep 2001 00:14

      Release Notes: Many new features and bugfixes, including full support for unknown tags and configuration within the GUI.

      •  13 Jul 2000 22:17

        Release Notes: The UI is new AppPane style and uses a Metal theme to get system colors, remembering some user preferences between sessions (including working directory, window size, and pane placement), and numerous small editing annoyance bugfixes. Java 2 is now required.

        •  16 May 1999 16:55

          Release Notes: Fixed output bug which caused comments to show up twice, file operations changed for easier extensibility, command line option added for number of columns for wrapping, command line switch to save a file immediately from the command line.

          •  27 Apr 1999 15:55

            Release Notes: Updated to use Swing 1.1, now comes in two distribution packages (one with the Swing libraries, and one without), DocWiz now prompts you if the file has changed on disk, vastly improved source view pane, package name changed to com.tinyplanet as well as miscellaneous small bug and compilation fixes.


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