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dnsjava is an implementation of the DNS protocol in Java. It supports all of the common record types. dnsjava provides both high and low level access to the resolver. The high level functions perform queries for records of a given name, type, and class, and return an array of records. A cache is used to reduce the number of queries sent. The low level functions allow direct manipulation of dns messages and records, as well as allowing additional resolver properties to be set. A 'dig' clone, dynamic update program, and basic server are also included. Extensions to the DNS protocol are supported as well (DNSSEC, TSIG, EDNS0).

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Recent releases

  •  10 May 2002 20:28

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

    •  20 Sep 1999 21:37

      Release Notes: Global options, EDNS0, partial DNSSEC verification, new record types, (DNAME, RP, A6) and lots of bug fixes.

      •  03 Aug 1999 03:36

        Release Notes: Lots of bug fixes and code cleanup. Updates to Cache, RRset, async Resolver, thread pool.

        •  18 Jun 1999 19:28

          Release Notes: packages conform to java naming standard, cache uses round-robin, update client improvements, more documentation, zone file parser understands more directives, multiline record parsing, LOC and KX records, lots of bug fixes

          •  19 Apr 1999 09:04

            Release Notes: Asynchronous resolver lookups, multiple server and retry support, unqualified name lookup, thread support, javadoc documentation, and jnamed fixes.


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