Projects / clients clients is a loosely knit group of computer users from all of the world that is taking up challenges requiring lots of computing power (most notably the RC5, DES, and OGR cracking contests). It is simple to participate in the challenges by downloading and running their client software (which uses idle CPU time to complete its tasks).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  30 Jan 2000 07:21

    Release Notes: This version fixed the bug that was causing the BeOS client to not save its work on exit. It also fixed a bug in the *nix client's -config option that would hang the client.

    •  22 Nov 1999 20:06

      Release Notes: The new clients support the CS-Cypher Challenge, which is meant to demonstrate the weakness of a 56-bit key against brute-force attack.

      •  16 Jan 1999 17:49

        Release Notes: Client version 2.7105 finalizes support for DES Challenge III, the third DES cracking contest that begins Monday, Jan. 18 @ 09:00 PST. The new client adds Bruce Ford's new DES MMX cores, which drastically improves DES speed on x86 MMX CPUs, as well as other overall improvements.

        Recent comments

        14 Jun 2001 10:18 alexbrennen

        GPL'd ANSI C Version of RC5-64
        I wrote a GPL'd ANSI C implementation of RC5-64 and the
        rest of the RC5 challenges. If you don't want to run the
        dnet client because of security considerations, please run
        the open free code.

        You can download it from here:

        CryptNET: FCP


        Project Spotlight


        A Fluent OpenStack client API for Java.


        Project Spotlight

        TurnKey TWiki Appliance

        A TWiki appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.