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Decimail Webmail 3

Decimail Webmail 3 is an email application written in Javascript. It is almost entirely client-side, and so has the potential for a rich and responsive user-interface. The server-side requirement is a Web server, a simple IMAP-to-HTTP proxy, and any IMAP server; this should result in lower server load than some CGI Webmail applications. The code is still relatively new and is not yet suited to widespread deployment.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  08 Mar 2007 17:46

    Release Notes: New features include message sorting (click on the column headers), popup menus (click on the triangles), a "find mailboxes" field, a login dialog, printing, and "view as text" for unknown MIME types. The code has also been restructured in this release, no doubt adding some new bugs.

    •  11 Jan 2007 19:25

      Release Notes: This release adds support for auto-completion of email addresses in the message composition window. This is achieved in the style of Googe Suggest, with completions coming from the server in real time using a new IMAP extension. Currently only Decimail Server supports this extension, but it is hoped that other IMAP applications will adopt it in due course.

      •  25 Sep 2006 18:08

        Release Notes: This version tidies up the appearance of the display with a smart-looking mailbox tree. This tree is now correctly updated after creating, renaming, and deleting mailboxes. Other improved areas include the menu bar, the attachments table, the composition textarea, and the message part tab list. There is now a "hint of the day" feature, and the format of outgoing dates has been corrected.

        •  18 Sep 2006 17:41

          Release Notes: This version adds sliders that allow you to adjust the sizes of the various elements of the display. It also improves support for quoted-printable and base64 encodings in incoming and outgoing messages, and can send keep-alive NO-OPs to IMAP servers that need them.

          •  16 Sep 2006 21:20

            Release Notes: This release adds crude support for sending attachments. Other new features include deleting messages, marking of replied-to messages, citations in replies, and numerous smaller improvements.


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