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Database of Managed Objects

DMO is generic object management, documentation, and inventory software. It enforces defining an abstract hierarchical structure for the data stored, making object management very intuitive. All the data in a company can be stored in a structured manner, from hard disks, computers, and printers to routers, UPSes, and alarm systems. Powerful querying and PDF report generation, plugin support, a high level of customization, and very clean code make DMO a very powerful tool.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  31 Jul 2007 17:58

    Release Notes: This is the first significant release of DMO for nearly two years. It works with Linux and Windows (XAMPP), but should work well with any LAMP stack including PHP4. New features include much more graphical viewing, as well as mapping objects onto maps with drill-down to additional layers of maps following dependency trails, a new Flash viewer for browsing through objects, and the ability to create chains of objects based on any attribute type (where any other object can be an attribute of any other object).

    •  04 Dec 2005 07:42

      Release Notes: Small bugfixes and a database change were made. There was a packaging error in release 2.2beta, which this release corrects. Alternatively, this error can be corrected in the old release by applying a database change and replacing the invalid file, DMO_definition.php.

      •  30 Nov 2005 09:36

        Release Notes: The documentation was updated. A new feature was added to prepare graphs of dependencies and instance children, based on the GraphViz software, which should be installed as a prerequsite for this capability. There are no database changes in this release.

        •  22 Nov 2005 23:43

          Release Notes: This release has been tested under Windows, using XAMPP for Windows as the basis. It includes the scripts customized for Windows, as well as a batch file to aid with installation. In addition, the documentation is now 70% complete. The documentation is now available in a separate file (you don't need to download this as well if you download the main package.) Packaging has been changed: for Windows users, there is both a .tar.gz and .zip version (these are identical.)

          •  19 Nov 2005 21:12

            Release Notes: This is a major new release of DMO, which makes it much easier to install. XAMPP is used to provide the LAMP environment required. A major overhaul was done in the past two years, adding access restrictions (user/group model), inheritance, DocBook XML documentation, greatly extended instance attributes, support for XML and CSV import/export, the availability of commercial support, and inline images.


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