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Dkopp is a program for copying or backing up disk files to DVD or BD (Blu-ray). Full or incremental backups can be made, with full or incremental media verification. Dkopp uses a GUI to navigate through directories to select or de-select files or directories at any level. Backup jobs can be saved for recurring use. New, deleted, and updated files are handled automatically, without re-editing the backup job. An incremental backup updates the same media used for a prior full backup. A GUI restore function is also provided. Differences between disk and DVD/BD can be reported in total, by directory and by file.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  15 Jul 2010 22:05

    Release Notes: Dkopp was tested with Blu-ray media, both recordable (BD-R) and re-writeable (BD-RE). It works without modification (i.e. growisofs works). The menus and documentation were revised to indicate that BD as well as DVD media can be used. Setting the DVD/BD mount point was removed from backup job edit and restore job edit. This is now done only in the dialog to select the DVD/BD drive and overrides the default mount point.

    •  01 Mar 2010 17:48

      Release Notes: This release simplifies how a DVD mount point is handled in order to play better with various DVD auto-mount environments. Dkopp now looks only for the DVD device, and uses an existing mount point if present. If DVD auto-mounting is enabled, dkopp will be started after the auto-mount completes. Mount points in existing dkopp job files are now ignored, and can be removed to avoid an innocuous diagnostic. The mod time resolution for DVD files (genisoimage output) has recently changed from 0.001 to 1 second, and apparently only for hidden files. Dkopp now regards mod time differences under 1 second as equivalent.

      •  26 Dec 2009 11:14

        Release Notes: An option to run without the GUI was added to support deferred command-line execution (for example, with cron).

        •  13 Apr 2009 10:31

          Release Notes: An additional file selection method has been provided: include only files having a creation or modification date on or after a given date. Inconsistencies in the handling of symlinks have been cleaned up (see the technical note in the user guide). An excluded file that was also inaccessible or exceeded 4 GB in size caused a segment fault; this has been fixed.

          •  08 Apr 2009 08:40

            Release Notes: "DVD write speed" was added to the job edit function. This may be left at the default or set lower to increase DVD burn reliability and longevity. The Linux program "udevinfo" has recently become "udevadm info". Dkopp was modified to use whichever variant works.


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