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02 Jun 2004 13:10 cduffy

*Very* pleasently suprised!
DKMS is good stuff! My employer packages a product that requires a number of kernel modules, and keeping the modules up-to-date with vender's kernel patches had been something of a pain point. DKMS not only automates this nicely, but does so with an astonishingly painless-to-write config file syntax. (Incidentally, I've posted my dkms.conf files to the dev lists and/or patch trackers of the relevant projects; hopefully they'll be adopted upstream).

My only quibble is that I've had to write a few quick scripts here and there to support operations like "recompile all installed modules against all kernels which aren't already prepped" and the like. Supporting --all in more places might be nice, likewise for somewhat more in-depth and less ambiguous documentation ("[--foo bar]" should just be "--foo bar" in a usage string if --foo is a mandatory parameter!), but these are all trivial quibbles (and may already be fixed in the development version, which I haven't looked at yet). DKMS has already saved me a great deal of time and frustration; Kudos!

02 Apr 2004 07:38 lerhaupt

Re: DKMS White Paper
Also, check out this more recent paper which deals with DKMS more from the systems management and administration perspective:

08 Sep 2003 12:26 lerhaupt

DKMS White Paper
Read more about DKMS in this paper.

20 May 2003 14:31 lerhaupt

Re: Test module package to try DKMS with

> The RPM is located at:

The latest testable RPM is now at:

10 Apr 2003 13:47 lerhaupt

Test module package to try DKMS with
To get the full feeling of how DKMS works, you'll probably need to try it with a module which supports DKMS. All this really requires is a module tarball with an additional properly formatted dkms.conf file.

I have created a QLogic RPM which installs modules source and then uses DKMS to build and install the driver. The RPM is located at:

If you don't like RPMs, I've mocked up a qlogic tarball with the dkms.conf file and an install script which calls dkms to do all the dirty work. The mocked up tarball is at:


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