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03 Feb 2003 05:00 Micski

Crash caused all user folders to disappear
I was very happy with dkimap. However, I found, that upon a crash with a following reboot of the server, all user folders had disappeared at the clients. The folders files still exist in the homes of each user. It seems to me that the files is spool was initialized somehow. An update of dkimap to version 2.39 did not solve the problem. The system is FreeBSD, and dkimap was installed using the port. Does anyone know something about this problem?

29 Aug 2002 05:33 xa

loosing connection to "Sent"-Folder after sending Email
I'm also a very happy user of dkimap.
One thing troubles me though: after having sent a larger mail I got a "could not connect to sent-folder" in Netscape 4.79 (tested under Linux, Win2K & Win98) and Mozilla 1.1 (Win2K only) too. I think there's something closing the connection due to a timeout (dkimap? inetd?). Has anyone an explenation for this or even a workaround?
I have dkimap4 2.30 under Linux (SuSe 8.0).
Thank you!

10 Jun 2001 11:11 andersn

Re: freebsd
I have patches here to make dkimap compile and run in FreeBSD. Although, I do have some problems with attachments and bugs in dkimap's spool. Which I'm trying to sort out with the author. Let me know if you want to have a copy.

08 Jun 2001 17:16 karellen

Is there planned support for FreeBSD? For some reason
2.34 fails to compile on my FreeBSD box. And I refuse
to use UW-IMAPD.

12 Oct 2000 17:58 jbellis

As it says, easy to install
I'm a very happy user of dkimap. Having just installed dkimap this afternoon, I can say that it lives up to its boast of being "Easy to install." A couple notes that may help others:

dkimap expects mail to be stored in /var/mail/username. If you store it in /var/spool/mail/username instead (this is the default for RH, I believe), a symlink makes dkimap happy.
the configure program doesn't automatically #define PW_SHADOW for shadow password authentication. Adding this to unixlib/passwd.h will fix this.
As of version 2.22, dkimap will spam your syslog with LOG_NOTICE messages, filed under LOG_DAEMON. You may want to change these in unixlib/libf.C to LOG_DEBUG and LOG_MAIL, respectively.


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