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DJIGZO Email Encryption Gateway

DJIGZO Email Encryption Gateway is a centrally managed email server that encrypts and decrypts incoming and outgoing email at the gateway level. Djigzo currently supports two encryption standards: S/MIME and PDF encryption. The built-in Data Leak Prevention (DLP) module can be used to prevent certain information from leaving the organization via email. DLP can be configured to filter on credit card numbers, bank account numbers, excessive amounts of email addresses or other personal information in one email message, and more. DJIGZO can be installed on most Linux and Unix based systems. Installation packages are available for Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat and CentOS. A ready to run virtual appliance for VMware and Hyper-V is available. An add-on for BlackBerry is available.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  11 May 2013 10:42

    Release Notes: The PDF option "Send CC to replier" has been added. The S/MIME option "Skip import of untrusted certificates" has been added. The "Signing subject trigger" option has been added. Password strength check/estimate is added. French language support has been added to the portal. Support for right to left (RTL) has been added. Support for multiple SMS transports have been added. The DLP scanner now also extracts the meta content of MIME parts. Virtual Appliance: backup/restore from the console application. Remote samba mount; network setup from the Web GUI. Many other changes and improvements.

    •  30 May 2012 11:26

      Release Notes: Security info tags can now be added to the subject. The S/MIME algorithm can be set per recipient or domain. The locale can be selected on the portal page. A CLI tool has been added for setting/getting user properties. Upgraded PostgreSQL JDBC drivers have been added (8.4 drivers were not compatible with PG 9). A Spanish translation for the portal has been added. Loading speed of the preferences page has improved. The user no longer has to log in after the portal signup. Under certain circumstances, Unicode characters were incorrectly encoded on the PDF reply page; this has been fixed. Compatibility with IE9 has improved. Other improvements and bugfixes have been added.

      •  28 Oct 2011 11:19

        Release Notes: One Time Password (OTP) PDF encryption was added. The OTP can be generated by the recipient after logging into the portal. Email can be encrypted with additional certificates (aka escrow). The PDF reply page and quarantine viewer now support multiple languages (German, English, and Dutch). Messages with encrypted PDFs can be digitally signed. EJBCA integration was added, and certificates can be requested from an EJBCA server. A login page brute-force filter that blocks access for some time for an IP/user was added.

        •  27 Jul 2011 16:47

          Release Notes: S/MIME setting: "Always use freshest signing certificate". PDF setting "Only encrypt if mandatory". DLP setting "Quarantine on failed encryption". Quarantined emails can now be "released as-is". Number of rows the grid should show per page can be set. Email in the MTA queue can be filtered. The MTA logs are now by default shown in "raw" format. Support for charsets not supported "out of the box" by Acrobat reader. In S/MIME "strict mode", the message is now always handled by the S/MIME handler.

          •  18 Mar 2011 08:57

            Release Notes: This fixes a problem related to the DLP quarantine queue. A fix was made for GATEWAY-15 ( If a message was placed in quarantine because of a DLP violation and the message-id or from header contained a "%" character, deleting the mail from quarantine resulted in an error. This version is only relevant if you are using the DLP functionality and quarantine messages that violate a DLP policy.


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