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23 Mar 2003 01:28 jankeirse

Absolutely fabulous
This is really one of the best tools I have on my machine. It's so great that I decided that I wanted to use it even for cd's I've compiled myself, so I've written createcddb for it. I really really like disc-cover, thank you very much for writing this magnificent program!

07 Mar 2002 14:32 cengique

How about MP3 CDs?

Nice program!

I have this

project very similar this one but which displays the directory structure of MP3 or archive CDs in LaTeX format...


04 Jan 2001 09:55 aad

Great program!
This is an easy way to replace all those lost covers :) Especially since I have a cdwriter, I've lost quite a few covers, and this program does a nice job replacing them. Just insert the cd, type disc-cover and with a bit of luck you're ready to lpr your new cover. You can also use disc-cover to create a new CDDB file (in case your cd is not in the CDDB database). You'll only have to fill in the track and artist/album data, because the track/total time is detected and used automatically.

This really is a timesaver.


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