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Diluculum is a library that intends to make the coexistence of C++ and Lua more harmonious. In this regard, it offers essentially three "services": a nice way to access data stored in a Lua interpreter; a not so bad way to write functions in C++ and make them available to Lua; and a limited and just barely usable way to register C++ classes and objects in a Lua state.


Recent releases

  •  02 Oct 2011 19:22

    Release Notes: This is a bugfix release. Most importantly, it fixes a crash that used to happen whan a class was registered in many "LuaState"s.

    •  22 Jul 2010 18:02

      Release Notes: Strings with embedded zeros going from C++ to Lua are properly handled. A LuaFunction can now be constructed from a chunk of Lua source code. A LuaFunction can also now be "default constructed" (by default, it is constructed from an empty chunk, so it returns nothing).

      •  29 May 2010 02:35

        Release Notes: This release fixed a problem where strings coming from Lua with embedded zeros were not properly handled.

        •  19 Jan 2010 12:19

          Release Notes: This is a minor release, with single addition: a proper way to access the Lua table of globals (also known as "_G") from the C++ side.

          •  23 Jul 2009 02:35

            Release Notes: It is now possible to store Lua functions in Diluculum LuaValue objects. This allows the C++ side to nicely call callbacks implemented in Lua. Binaries, especially in debug builds, should be much smaller because Boost.Variant is no longer used. Some other minor features were added and some bugs were fixed.


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