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DIASER is a cloud storage class combined geo-data replication, long-term archive system, and WAN vault application. Manage long term mixed data archives generated by existing backup software. Ensure availability using commodity hardware. Retain administrative and financial control. It combines a disk-based backup volume management system and triple redundancy with a storage architecture designed to structure months to years of long term sustainable archiving space. It is a quick and low-cost way to make an environment more robust by backing up data in multiple places. This replication also provides fast retrieval of archived data from all node hosting locations. A Perl installer creates the system. Nodes can be dedicated to storage or used for existing services over unused bandwidth. DIASER works in user space over SSH.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  01 Apr 2012 20:23

    Release Notes: The key themes of this release are documentation and accessibility. A more comprehensive release includes a working example of a personal cloud storage installation (section 14 of the manual). Also included are a detailed listing of rsync switches used for 'heavy lifting' and general improvements to links. Core documentation has been added, including a White Paper and other elements updated. The spec file is further refined for use in Fedora, or for your own packaging requirements. Special developer tools provide e.g. Perl to extract, list all subroutine names and line number, print line num ranges, etc.

    •  19 Mar 2011 18:20

      Release Notes: This release contains a large number of code changes made according to Perl Best Practices and Perl::Critic advisories. Level 5 and 4 are complete for the CLI management tool, as well as most level 3 changes. Some development structures have been added to the CSM; these files contain development environment variables, settings, and aliases used to govern and enhance the coding environment. Http conf.d has been modified to avoid duplicate aliases.

      •  02 Jan 2011 19:41

        Release Notes: The main focus of this release is the documented appliance design of a pre-configured 3 node DIASER image pack, now available for download. The pack has been created to assist rapid cross-platform testing and evaluation, significantly lowering entry barriers. Code re-factoring evaluation using force field analysis was completed, and a discussion was written and resulting tasks noted. Further improvements to the spec file were made in accordance with Fedora package maintainer guidelines. CREDITS has been updated and recently completed business targets noted.

        •  18 Oct 2010 06:34

          Release Notes: The Web GUI front end configuration tool contains all the variables a user needs to set and displays them clearly in four sections with pop-up tool tips. With this GUI, the user can select options and build a working diaser configuration file. The install script handler is in place. This front-end can be installed using "make install".

          •  13 Oct 2010 15:41

            Release Notes: This development release includes more diaser-webgui tool design enhancements and feature implementation code, including action defined popup windows with a close button for all user input scenarios, a Makefile, and an apache system conf file. The tool diaser configuration file storage location is now pre-defined. The tool has been renamed to diaser-webgui in SVN and the Makefile.


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