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Diagnil is a GUI application to help solvers of diagramless crossword puzzles. It accommodates puzzles distributed electronically using several file formats (puz, jpz, xpf, and ipuz) as well as those distributed in print form. Although software for conventional crosswords has existed for years, the diagramless variant has received little attention. Diagnil attempts to fill that void. It lets you solve puzzles by entering words, placing them on a grid, and moving them around the screen until the final shape is achieved.

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Recent releases

  •  08 Aug 2012 01:42

    Release Notes: The user interface was revamped in several areas. A keystroke-based grid navigation mode was added to complement the mouse-based navigation method. A timer feature for displaying and recording solving time was added. Automatic detection of puzzle completion was improved. Support was added for importing files in the Crossword Solver (jpz) format. A primer on diagramless solving was added to the Help information.

    •  20 Jun 2011 21:52

      Release Notes: Support was added for the new ipuz open-standard format for puzzle files. A layout option for wider windows was added to provide more room for clues. Clashing letters are now displayed side-by-side in their cells. During word movement operations, clashes of letters and end blocks are indicated as words are dragged around the grid.

      •  01 Mar 2011 04:48

        Release Notes: The ability to keep track of and switch between alternative answers was added, along with a few lesser feature enhancements and usability improvements.

        •  11 Jan 2011 01:51

          Release Notes: Support was added for the new XPF crossword file format, a recently proposed open standard for distributing crosswords. Also, an intermediate method of obtaining digitized puzzle clues was introduced. Diagnil can now accept clues that have been scanned from printed materials and interpreted using OCR software.


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