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Diablo is a backbone news transit system, designed to replace INND on backbone machines. The transit part of Diablo is well established and should work flawlessly. Note that diablo now has a reader part, since version 1.15.


Recent releases

  •  14 May 2001 08:33

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

    •  04 Mar 2001 18:50

      Release Notes: This release features vastly improved stats gathering for both reader and feeder, efficient (optional) NEWNEWS support in reader, group restrictions per reader definition, new reader authentication types, a hook for C filter for local posts, many bug fixes, and many other minor enhancements. It also includes a completely rewritten spool system that allocates articles to spool objects (directories/partitions) with a very flexible expiry mechanism that allows different expire methods and times based on newsgroups, article size, article type, etc. This also includes an experimental compressed spool type. The filtering mechanisms were vastly improved with 3 different filter types and full configuration of which articles are sent to each type of filter with the same options as newsfeeds.

      •  01 Feb 2001 09:07

        Release Notes: This release fixes a bug that was causing missing articles, some authentication bugs in the reader, and a bug with the spool state not being cleared when a client disappears unexpectedly which eventually caused local posts to hang. New features include a slight performance improvement for dnewslink, use of local Xref when displaying articles retrieved from cache, and some other minor additions.

        •  10 Oct 2000 23:18

          Release Notes: Some bugfixes to dreaderd, improvements in connections handling, and new remotely configurable feeds options.

          •  17 Jul 2000 11:25

            Release Notes: The reader part has had some bugfixes. Support for PGP 6.5i has been added. The 'spool disk full' error handling has been improved. The Message-ID that was supplied is now included due to some problems with INN feeders.


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