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19 Jan 2004 14:10 smprather

Trying to use it in Windows
Forget it. You'd think I'm the first person to ever try to import a dia diagram into MS Word. I can't find a file format that works correctly. Makes it unusable to me and who knows how many others.

Very frustrating that it's close to being a solid product but there are so many annoyances that I can't use it (no hot key to toggle grid snap!?!?! or at least alloy using <alt> to get you off grid while dragging). Sometimes middle mouse drag will scroll the canvas, sometimes it won't. Soooo shoddy.

05 Feb 2003 09:49 miserablydigital

Awesome program. Installed from debian's package collection, and have been using it steadily for the past couple of hours, producing process flow charts. Zero to Productive in less than 5 minutes. Thanks.

06 Jan 2003 15:13 maho

nice program, but unusable for me. i need to draw function calling in my app, including source code, and under windows. unforunately under M$ doesn't work clipboard paste. so i cannot paste my source to graph.

31 Oct 2002 23:46 scmason

Dia is awesome
Dia has saved my life several times, or at least kept me from having to use Windows (Visio or Rational Rose). It is products like this that keep Linux/BSD/UNIX users going.

Thanks guys

19 Nov 2001 01:51 mballen

This application is genuinely good. As a developer I can tell that some thought really went into this code. It can generate high quality postcript figures quickly and easily. Need a network diagram ... zap. Need a schematic of a screen layout ... bang. So far nothing with respect to the layout engine surprised me. Very consistent. The page layout controls are fantastic. You can generate/print very nice postscript. I would rather the right-click menu have some of the more commonly used items at the root (delete, object specific properties) and it would be great if some settings could be saved for future settings (e.g scale) but all of the fundamentals are there. Outstanding job folks! Thank you.

09 Mar 2000 08:08 gward

Looks promising, but still a ways to go
Dia looks like a very promising start at a real diagram-drawing tool for the free software world. The biggest drawback right now is the near-total lack of documentation. The fundamental UI -- drawing lines and boxes and things, and connecting them up in intelligent ways -- works *very* nicely. But the rest of the UI -- menus, tool modes, saving/exporting, etc. -- has a lot of little annoyances. Nothing fatal, just a continual source of friction between me and the program.

20 Sep 1999 14:19 badben

Very useful
This is a really cool application.

Of course, it is not as powerful as Visio (Scriping, Thousands of Icons), but the basic functionality works.

If you're an serious programmer, this is, what you waited for.


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