Comments for DHCP Usage Statistics

24 Jan 2013 12:03 Raboo

The webpage link and download link is dead..

28 May 2003 16:43 jeffcovey

Re: License
Thanks; I've contacted the author for clarification.

28 May 2003 14:19 idra

The Project is listed as beeing GPLed, but there is nowhere notice in the files about that, the copyright statement is:

©2003 Isaac Davis-King
Please feel free to redistribute or make any changes to this software, but please do not sell it.

Can you clarify the license?

21 May 2003 03:36 ugbuz

I would make the paths dynamic

one for the db / vendors script
one for the /etc/dhcp.conf
and one for the leases file

that would save people a lot of trouble ...


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