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Developer Todo

Developer Todo is a program to assist developers in maintaining a list of outstanding tasks in a heirarchical, colourised, and prioritised list. Additionally, it can automatically list outstanding items when you change into a directory.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 Sep 2007 13:12

    Release Notes: This release adds a few bugfixes, adds a purely cosmetic XML declaration for "parsing"/saving, removes the built-in regex library (the broken upstream one should be out of circulation by now), adds more C++ standards compliance changes, gives --not-done better symmetry to --done, and marks the entire hierarchy.

    •  06 Jun 2005 15:38

      Release Notes: A segfault which was visible on 64-bit systems but was present on all systems was fixed. An issue with the banner in .todo files annoying users who have their .todo in a version control system was fixed. XSLT was added to the XHTML+CSS filter. A bash completion script was added.

      •  10 Mar 2005 14:48

        Release Notes: The --purge <days> option was added. force-colour can now be used in todorc. An exception which occurred when running without TERM set was fixed. GCC compiler errors, BASH script errors, and man page errors were fixed.

        •  27 Dec 2002 06:00

          Release Notes: This release fixes a segfault when specifying bold colours, renames regex.{c,h} to regex_c.{c,h} to fix case issues on OS X and Cygwin, modifies XSLT stylesheet to display title, fixes an issue with not displaying linked task lists when --timeout was in effect, adds a 'default' priority which chooses the most appropriate priority for an item when adding/grafting/editing, fixes display issues when summarising multi-line items, and fixes a bug whereby custom colours were reset traversing linked databases.

          •  19 Dec 2002 05:33

            Release Notes: This version modifies the semantics for expanding indices so that an index with no modifiers expands only one level deep, adds support for multi-line items and title text, and fixes a bug where broken links would fail badly, requiring manual editing of the .todo file.

            Recent comments

            16 Oct 2009 13:34 gcsaba2

            This project doesn't compile with the new gcc, but the fix is easy. In file add the following:

            #include <stdlib.h>


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