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Design/CPN is a graphical tool supporting the use of Hierarchical Timed Coloured Petri Nets. The Editor supports construction, modification, and syntax check of CPN models. The Simulator supports interactive and automatic simulation of CPN models. The Occurrence Graph Tool supports construction and analysis of occurrence graphs for CPN models (also known as state spaces or reachability graphs). The Perfomance Tool supports simulation-based performance analysis of CPN models.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 Apr 2001 09:38

    Release Notes: This version provides bugfixes, daemon PAM support under Linux, and modifications to the XML output.

    •  26 Oct 2000 01:56

      Release Notes: This release adds various bugfixes, a cpnmld-less simulation on the localhost, and XML-based interchange.

      •  07 Jul 2000 03:15

        Release Notes: Bugfixes, reswitch-free occurrence graph regeneration, and improvements in the performance and control of the O-graph generation algorithm.

        •  05 Apr 2000 17:17

          Release Notes: First freshmeat release.

          Recent comments

          07 May 2000 22:28 mafarrin

          New fast simulation engine
          The CPN Group at DAIMI announced on May 02nd 2000 a new simulation engine which delivers up to a one thousand-fold increase in the speed of automatic simulations.


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