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16 Apr 2009 20:49 deleveld

DEPUI5 is delayed a while as I am adding an automatic layout algorithm inspired by CSS.

14 Aug 2008 13:34 deleveld

DEPUI version 5 is progressing nicely
DEPUI version 5 is progressing nicely. I hope to have it available in a few months.

13 Mar 2008 09:36 deleveld

Working on DEPUI 5
I a working on DEPUI 5, which is a complete rewrite!

26 Apr 2007 00:06 deleveld

SDL platform coming soon
An SDL platform for DEGFX is coming soon.

30 Mar 2006 12:03 deleveld

New WIP available
A New WIP is available with many improvments and platforms. See the changelog.

14 Feb 2006 07:21 deleveld

A WIP version is available which begins an implementation of an editable text widget.

18 Jul 2001 07:21 deleveld

HTML browser and Mingw port
I am working on HTML browser and Mingw port.


Project Spotlight


An open, cross-platform journaling program.


Project Spotlight


A scientific plotting package.