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Depot is a software management tool providing a simple, yet flexible, mechanism for maintaining third party and locally developed software in large heterogeneous computing environments. Depot integrates separately maintained software packages, known as collections, into a common directory hierarchy consisting of a union of all the collections. This common directory is defined as the software environment. A set of configuration options manages interactions and intersections between collections in the environment. Depot facilitates the introduction, update, and removal of collections in a software environment. Custom environments and complete test environments can be easily created for individual machines or for sets of machines. Collections with unexpected problems can be replaced with previous versions or simply removed. Individual collections or files can be moved from remote filesystems to the local disks of workstations without the worry that the files may become stale. All this is achieved with minimal wasted disk space and administrative overhead.


Recent releases

  •  31 Aug 2002 20:10

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

    •  12 May 2001 07:42

      Release Notes: Running depot in the depot subdirectory no longer works - a depot.pref file must exist. Previously depot could run without a custom.depot file being present. Quick mode is now quicker but less consistent. If -Q is used, then it does not check the target directory. This means that (1) unmapped files aren't removed, and (2) invalid links may result in depot hanging. The command syntax has changed. See the "Using Depot" for details. When installing files from a collection, it used to be that you could either copy or link the file. Now you can pass the file through a "filter". See "Using Depot" for details.


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      Project Spotlight

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