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depfinder finds the dependencies of Slackware packages. The dependency list can be output to stdout, to a .dep text file without version information, or to a slack-required file with version information. depfinder is very fast; its speed is mainly due to the C++ code that is used in depfinder to find in which package each individual library is included. It also has support for running multiple jobs, which makes it a lot faster when used with multiple CPUs/cores. depfinder supports detecting dependencies of binary files compiled with languages such as C or C++ and it can also detect Python dependencies.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  03 Jun 2013 16:47

    Release Notes: This release adds a hidden option to not stop depfinder if it encounters an executable with a dependency that is not present in the system.

    •  15 May 2012 16:54

      Release Notes: This release checks whether a file is an ELF executable instead of checking if it has the executable flag set. Some shared libraries do not have the executable flag set, so depfinder was unable to trace them. Also, when asking for Python dependencies, it makes sure the Python module is an exact match and not just a partial match. Portuguese (pt_PT) and Russian (ru) translations were also added.

      •  16 Mar 2011 17:28

        Release Notes: This release fixes a rarely occurring bug with not reading included libraries properly.

        •  13 Feb 2011 18:12

          Release Notes: This release fixes a bug that accidentally removed the package's name from the dependency list if the name was part of the dependency.

          •  12 Feb 2011 09:16

            Release Notes: This release fixes a bug with reinstating an error message when dependencies were not installed. Translations have also been updated, including new translations for Japanese, Ukranian, and Swedish.

            Recent comments

            10 Jun 2009 06:13 fredg

            Very good job !! ;)

            23 Jan 2009 15:40 thenktor

            This tool is faster than a bullet :-)


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