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DeLiRiuM is a 32-bit nanokernel hybrid operating system. One of its aims is developing and testing unconventional interfaces between OS and userspace rather than providing yet another ubiquitous POSIX.1-like API. The goal is to do this in a not only in a programmer friendly way, but also without sacrificing modern OS features or performance. Development currently targets IA-32 (x86), the Xen hypervisor, and Unix userspace. The DeLiRiuM kernel is primarily written in ANSI C and x86 assembler (gas).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  16 Jul 2008 17:21

    Release Notes: Early stages of a port of kernel to run as a domU under xen. A huge amount of concurrency problems/race conditions have been fixed. IPC has been greatly improved, and is integrated more closely with the short-term scheduler. Much more independent and resilient user-space. A user-space SLIP driver. Many changes to support loading of position-independent executables. Many other minor bugfixes and features.

    •  22 Jun 2006 06:41

      Release Notes: This initial release includes a bootable kernel with sample userspace applications.


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