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Delay is a program that counts down the number of seconds specified on its command line. In this way, it's sort of like the standard sleep(1) command, except for the fact that it provides feedback of the time remaining.


Recent releases

  •  31 Dec 1999 04:39

    Release Notes: Delay now supports big ugly curses digits that can be read from across the room.

    •  02 Jul 1999 21:44

      Release Notes: The 1.3 version of delay adds the ability to safely run a command when delay executes. Debian packages are now available.

      •  03 Mar 1999 09:54

        Release Notes: Delay is now compatible with GNU sleep. In addition, there have been some portability improvements. (It now has been shown to work with Linux, FreeBsd, and Solaris.)

        •  31 Jan 1999 15:33

          Release Notes: This version adds the ability to delay until a time (delay until 5:00 pm wednesday), as well as a few other new features.

          •  27 Jan 1999 13:04

            Release Notes: This is the initial release of delay.


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