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Deejayd is a multi purpose media player that can be completely controlled through the network using XML messages. It suppports playlists, searching, and many media tags. It can playback many music and video formats using either its xine backend (recommended) or its GStreamer backend.


Recent releases

  •  28 Apr 2009 12:07

    Release Notes: A new navigation panel mode was added, like the rhythmbox panel mode. Mediafilters were implemented to filter the audio/video library. Rating support was added. A new playorder mode was added. Weighted random playback was implemented. The xine binding was set as an independant module (pytyxi). An HTML interface that is optimized for mobile devices was added, targetting the iPhone, the iPod Touch, and Android devices. Full support was added for cover albums. The XUL Web UI was set as a Firefox extension. Smart playlists were added.

    •  26 Jun 2008 13:43

      Release Notes: OSD support was added for xine (but this is disabled by default). A zoom option was added for xine. Many fixes were made in signal infrastructure. A fix was made in SQL requests.

      •  10 Apr 2008 14:18

        Release Notes: Support was added for using MySQL as a database backend. New player options were added for audio/video offset and subtitle offset. FLAC support was added. Replaygain support was added (track profile only). A script to process an audio library and record replaygain track gain/peak in songs was added. The log is reopened when SIGHUP is received. inotify now watches out for a root directory symlink. Full status is saved on exit and restored on startup.


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