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Decimail Server

Decimail Server is a mail server supporting IMAP and SMTP that uses a PostgreSQL database to store messages. Mailboxes are defined using SQL queries, allowing complex client-independent automatic message filtering and categorisation. For example you can partition your messages chronologically, by correspondent, and by mailing list at the same time, with each message appearing in several mailboxes. You can also use PostgreSQL's text indexing extension for fast keyword searching. Decimail also features anti-spam processing of outgoing messages.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  20 Sep 2007 14:55

    Release Notes: This release fixes the IMAP IDLE extension, which was broken in 0.14. An issue with threads not terminating properly was resolved.

    •  03 Sep 2007 21:00

      Release Notes: This version fixes a couple of bugs in the daemons that had prevented operation with mutt and could lead to infinite loops while receiving mail. It also replaces the three database tables for to, cc, and bcc addresses with a single 'recipients' table, which simplifies many database queries.

      •  15 Feb 2007 01:52

        Release Notes: To better support multi-user environments, a set of views is now created when a user logs in to the IMAP server, narrowing the database to just that user's messages. The mailbox queries are then written in terms of these views.

        •  30 Jan 2007 15:32

          Release Notes: This version adds tsearch2 indexing of message bodies as they are received. You can then group messages based on keywords that they contain by creating new mailboxes under "/Keywords". The new mailbox name should be a tsearch2 query expression that the messages must match.

          •  10 Jan 2007 20:14

            Release Notes: This release uses the actions framework to support mailing lists and "black hole" spam mailboxes. Randomly-allocated anti-spam addresses are now recorded and re-used in subsequent messages to the same recipient. Correspondents' real names are now recorded so that they can be offered for auto-completion in message composition. Internally, a new database interface may slightly improve performance.


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