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deborphan finds packages installed on your Debian/GNU system that have no other packages depending on them. Its primary goal (and default action) is to trace unused libraries. A dialog frontend, orphaner, is included in the package for easy removal of packages.


Recent releases

  •  18 Sep 2005 15:16

    Release Notes: A bug has been fixed where very long section names caused the output format to be broken, which in turn confused orphaner. French translations of man pages have been added.

    •  10 Jul 2005 12:43

      Release Notes: Some i18n updates, documentation fixes, and packaging updates were done.

      •  16 Mar 2005 17:26

        Release Notes: The handling of exclude lists was refactored. Previously, there was a fixed limit of 64 excludes, which can easily be reached when using orphaner's simulate feature. A dynamically allocated list is now used.

        •  16 Mar 2005 17:21

          Release Notes: The list of dependencies was fixed. gettext-base comes with only since 0.14.1-6, so the dependency on gettext-base is now versioned.

          •  16 Nov 2004 09:10

            Release Notes: The Czech translation was updated.

            Recent comments

            09 Apr 2000 02:11 punck

            Kick butt!
            Deborphan absolutely rules. I've been wishing for something like this for a long time. :)


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