Comments for Data Display Debugger

29 Jun 2003 04:09 sigra

The version shown here is not what's on the GNU server
The version shown here at freshmeat is 3.3.5, but the
newest official version (on the GNU site) seem to be 3.3.1.
And the 3.3.5 version download link points to a different
project's page (bashdb). Why?

And the 3.3.5 version is not buildable. There is a parsing
error and then the compiler consumes a huge amount of
memory so that the computer thrashes. It must be killed.

22 Oct 2002 12:46 rfabbri

Try out GVD

I tried to use GVD and it seems even better
than DDD. It uses GTK, it has syntax highlighting,
has a nicer GUI, a better graphical display, etc.
It would be nice to know other people's opinion
regarding DDD x GVD.

15 Jun 2002 00:48 rfabbri

DDD is excellent.
DDD is a gem. Many bugs can be detected right
away with this tool. The GUI is very intuitive and
has very nice features, supporting actions such as
pointing into a avariable with the mouse and
obtaining its value, or selecting a complex
expression, clicking with the right button,
and telling DDD to add a graphical display of its
value. The graphical display of variables needs
some more development to get more robust, but its
very good already.

29 Apr 2001 21:05 leonutley

Re: alternate download
< snip >

Current directory is /mirrors/site/

DDD is no longer distributed from this site.

< /snip >

.... dang

27 Jun 2000 22:57 hirosh

Development version
The development versions are available at (

06 Nov 1999 06:17 natsoft

alternate download
there is a mirror at, specifically:

08 Aug 1999 18:39 gwozniak

Is the server down?
I've been trying for the last two weeks to connect to this place. The alternate download doesn't work either. I used ddd before and it really helped speed up my development time. Is there another mirror somewhere?


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