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dCache is a distributed storage solution. It organizes storage across computers so the combined storage can be used without the end-users being aware of precisely which computer stores their data; end-users simply see a large amount of storage. Because end-users need not know on which computer their data is stored, their data can be migrated from one computer to another without any interruption of service. This allows dCache storage computers to be taken out of service or additional machines (with additional storage) to be added without interrupting the service the end-users enjoy.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Jun 2012 02:15

    Release Notes: gPlazma 1 is now implemented as a plugin for gPlazma2. Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) password authentication was added. The default partition type in the PoolManager was changed to WAAS. The NFSv4.1 door now shows some statistical information. Renaming was added to the FTP implementation. Support for changing mode, owner, and group of a directory tag was added. SRM now always listens for SSL connections. Login monitoring was added to gPlazma2.

    •  25 Mar 2012 22:24

      Release Notes: This release adds support for Kerberos for NFSv4, ACL manipulation through NFSv4, NFSv4 referrals, color highlighting in admin service, tab completion in admin service, SSH v2 support in the admin service, a configurable billing format, visualization of billing data, and an NIS plugin for gPlazma 2.

      •  15 Nov 2011 21:11

        Release Notes: This release introduces caching of ID mapping results in NFSv4. It adds Basic Auth support in the WebDAV interface, and nsswitch and krb5 plugins for gplazma2. ACL cell has been merged into PnfsManager. Support has been merged for legacy commands in PoolManager. Selectable and pluggable selection algorithms have been added to the partition manager. p2p uses HTTP instead of DCAP.

        •  06 Oct 2011 00:13

          Release Notes: HTTP Basic Authentication was added for WebDAV. The latency for server side srmCopy was reduced. The ACL admin service is now integrated into pnfs manager. Wildcards can now be used in pool manager commands. SRM client's overwrite request can be honored without having to enable overwrite in other doors. Pool to pool transfers use HTTP rather than DCAP. A pluggable pool selection algorithm and a new write pool selection algorithm were added. Webadmin has been updated.

          •  07 May 2011 21:16

            Release Notes: The transition to the new configuration system was completed. GLUE 2 support was added. The pin manager was replaced with a faster and more robust implementation. The dcache script was extended. HTTP support was added to third party srmCopy transfers. Proxy certificate and VOMS support were added to the HTTP/WebDAV door. File open latency was reduced.


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