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dbus-cxx is a C++ wrapper for dbus that supports introspection and includes a proxy/adapter generator (dbus-cxx-xml2cpp). What differentiates dbus-cxx from other C++ wrappers is that dbus-cxx relies heavily on sigc++ and explicitly exposes the wrapped D-Bus C API.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  18 Mar 2010 15:55

    Release Notes: This release primarily features code cleanup, but in doing so there were several minor feature additions, added documentation, bugfixes, and minor API changes. A quickstart guide has been added to the documentation. This will take you through a simple client/server example. The quickstart tutorial can be found in the documentation or on the dbus-cxx website.

    •  22 Jan 2010 20:12

      Release Notes: This release fixes a double free() in the error handling classes by moving the error classes to a smart pointer framework similar to the remainder of the library. Errors thrown are now smart pointer instances of error objects. This keeps the syntax for errors inline with the other smart pointers used throughout dbus-cxx. This means that boolean tests such as "if (error) ..." are not valid. The test would need to examine the is_set() method of an error smart pointer as in "if (error->is_set()) ...". Also, a logic error in CallMessage::expects_reply() was fixed.

      •  04 Jan 2010 15:44

        Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in the append iterator when a second child container is used.

        •  30 Sep 2009 17:53

          Release Notes: This release has some new features, some bugfixes, some added support for older versions of GCC and D-Bus, and new Ubuntu builds on Launchpad. One of the new features is preliminary support for arrays of fixed types. An example can be found in the signal examples directory, and the two example programs are name signal_emitter_array and signal_receiver_array. Many of the template functions have been changed and are now generated by M4 to support older versions of GCC that don't recognize default template function parameters. dbus-cxx can now be compiled on RHEL/CentOS 5.

          •  21 Sep 2009 17:09

            Release Notes: This is a bugfix release. Several memory leaks relating to destruction of pthread mutexes and conditions are now fixed, as is a deadlock condition within the dispatcher causing watches to lock a mutex and the dbus handler to also block on the same mutex. The name mutexes have been reordered to prevent an external signal callback from potentially causing a deadlock.


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