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04 Oct 2002 05:59 jlennon

runs fine - at least on the unix side
The unix client part of dbtcp runs really nice. We're using the Perl module in order to import some data from a proprietary database into MySQL.
However, there are a few hassles on the Windows side, but I don't think they are caused by dbtcp.

28 Jul 2002 21:39 devindeng

Is it possible to make dbtcp link_identifier being used by multiple users?

DBTCP server is working very well on Windows box.
we are wrting an web-based application on linux in
PHP accessing data held on Windows, this
application is using a link_identifier returned by
dbtcp_connect(). If just one user is using this link_id,
dbtcp functions are working very well, but if multiple
users are using this link_id at the same time, It will
not work.

I am not sure it is the problem with php code or the
problem with dbtcp functions.


07 Nov 2001 12:02 kfn

Works just fine!
The program is running on on NT4, and RH6.1.
It is fast and works just fine. It is a little complicated to read the source files, all the comments is in Italian.
Good Job!

23 Oct 2001 12:04 rgibons

It works!
Tried it to connect to MS SQL 2000 databases and
everything worked as advertised. It was fast and
easy. My only wish is that the windows program
could run as a service so I don't have to have a
user logged in on the Windows 2000 server all the


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