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DBLog Amateur Radio Logging Program

DBLog is a logging program for radio amateurs based on a relational database. It allows the user to log QSOs and export a range of them in ADIF format. It can read the radio frequency via CAT interface. It includes a CW Keyer based on cwdaemon. It works with fldigi for digi-modes, and can store QSL pictures with QSO data.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 Aug 2009 14:22

    Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in WB4 and stores QSL images in the database.

    •  11 Jul 2008 17:48

      Release Notes: This release is especially for developers of other HAM radio applications such as programs for digimodes, EME, or Meteorscatter. It now works also as 'Log server': another program can send commands to DBLog via TCP on port 3164 to fill fields and to log QSOs. DBLog replies with 'Name' and 'QTH' if the call has been worked before.

      •  09 Jul 2008 20:11

        Release Notes: 3 bugs have been removed. Permanent storing of frequencies/spots has been added.

        •  02 Jun 2008 20:26

          Release Notes: This release adds NCDXF beacons monitoring and a graphic band map that can show spots and is clickable to set VFO frequency.

          •  24 Apr 2008 20:28

            Release Notes: Added a window which shows cluster spots in the band tuned by the radio, sorted by frequency. This window remembers also CQ frequency if in RUN mode and heard stations if in S&P mode. A screen shot showing this is available on the download page.


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