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Disk Based HashTables

Disk based hashes is a method to create multidimensional binary trees on disk. This library permits the extension of the database concept to a plethora of electronic data, such as graphical information.


Last announcement

OpenSUSE 12.3 rpms available 12 Oct 2013 22:28

OpenSUSE 12.3 SRPM, RPM and RPM-devel are now available from the download site.

Recent releases

  •  28 Dec 2013 03:08

    Release Notes: An incorrect sem_destroy call for named semaphores was fixed. This incorrect call affected parallel safe mode on FreeBSD. Incorrect installation of man files and an unnecessary -L directive were fixed.

    •  21 Dec 2013 03:25

      Release Notes: Parallel safe mode shared memory control is now safe from race conditions with name semaphores.

      •  21 Oct 2013 15:41

        Release Notes: This version supports Windows. libdbh2.a and libdbh2.dll are built with Mingw-64. A Windows installer is included.

        •  18 Oct 2013 16:52

          Release Notes: This version supports Windows. It uses libdbh2.a and libdbh2.dll and is built with Mingw-64. A Windows installer is included.

          •  18 Jul 2013 21:27

            Release Notes: This release adds changes to debian/rules and dbh.spec to allow binary package creation in .deb- and .rpm-based systems. RPM binary and Debian binary packages are included in this release.

            Recent comments

            16 Mar 2003 15:04 egnor

            How does DBH differ from any other b?tree or disk-hash system?
            Specifically, I'm wondering what distinguishes this project from the somewhat more mature Berkeley DB, GNU DBM, and other persistent-key-value-pair libraries?


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