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db_bibivu is a simple MySQL database access wrapper. It provides functions for connecting to a MySQL database server, selecting the database to access, executing queries, retrieving query results rows in arrays, executing a query to return a single result row in a single call, etc. The class may optionally generate a log of the executed queries. When a query fails, it may send a warning message to a given site administrator email address.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  21 Jul 2006 19:13

    Release Notes: This release changes the functions "query" and "query_first", and adds a second parameter, "$record_type". It adds the function data_seek (mysql_data_seek; if the second parameter is not passed, it will position on a random record), a "set_default_result_type" parameter (this will change the default $result_type for the query function), a "close" function to close a MySQL connection, and a "connect_first_use" parameter (to allow the class to connect only when it is used the first time; this will avoid connection to the database when no queries are executed).

    •  17 Mar 2006 17:12

      Release Notes: This release fixes the variable db_accesses to be internal and not global and fixes email sending to send the whole current page and not only the script name.

      •  13 Feb 2006 14:27

        Release Notes: This release adds mysql_num_fields, mysql_fetch_field, mysql_fetch_row. It adds trigger_error when MySQL generates an error, which will allow the programmer to manage the error in a better way.

        •  28 Dec 2005 09:49

          Release Notes: This version was adapted to work with PHP4 and PHP5 without error messages (E_STRICTS, or E_WARNING, or E_NOTE).

          •  19 Aug 2005 13:05

            Release Notes: This release adds a mysql_escape_string function as $class_name->escape_string($string);.


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