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DataWorkshop is an editor to view and modify binary data. The editor provides different views which can be used to edit, analyze, and export the binary data. A simple hex view can be used to simulate a standard hexeditor, but more complex dynamic views are also possible. The editor provides powerful search and diff functionality and user-defined transformations to modify the binary data. Views can be filtered using the XPath query language. Views can be exported in various formats, which can be used to convert old binary formats into modern XML tagged data.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  18 Jun 2005 19:33

    Release Notes: The source code was released under the GPL. Minor bugfixes were made.

    •  25 Sep 2003 11:35

      Release Notes: Static views can now be opened and saved. Data can be imported and exported using various data encodings. Some serious bugs were fixed.

      •  26 Jun 2003 15:27

        Release Notes: GUI improvements were made. The view definition elements were redesigned. A view definition palette was added. The view query was fixed. The documentation was reworked.

        •  25 Nov 2002 20:06

          Release Notes: This release features a major GUI redesign, speed improvements, new DataConverters, new Structure Elements, DataViewQuery via XPath, and many bugfixes.

          •  14 Jun 2002 01:35

            Release Notes: Structured data can be saved in different formats (XML, HTML, or text). New DataTransformers were added (Not, Negate, Map), as were new DataConverters for EBCDIC. Speed improvements when loading/saving structures and templates were also made.


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