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21 Sep 2004 07:10 skamania24

Great Product
I think that this is a great product and is very useful. One suggestion though:

Saved list of connections. I see the recent connections list, but that rotates as other machines are connected to, eventually requiring a manual entry of a previous database. And for those of us with very long complex database names, it is tedious. Thanks.

19 Jul 2004 07:11 tillug

great software!
very useful to my work as i often need to query different improvement i want to suggest:
implementation of some 'undo' function in the editor would be great help!

10 Jun 2001 11:14 superbemo

Re: this is seriously crippeled trialware
The trial version is seriously crippled, however when you download the software an automated email is sent with a 30 day demo key. The 30 day key unlocks the ALL the features of the databrowser.

See the licensing page ( for more informaion on the Trial, Demo, Single User, and Enterprise versions of the DataBrowser.

10 Jun 2001 09:23 sistar

this is seriously crippeled trialware
imho it is not worth downloading as even simple
sql-queries return only 10 results in the trial


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