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darkstat is an ntop-workalike network statistics gatherer. It runs as a background process on a cable or DSL router, uses libpcap to capture network traffic, and has a Web interface that serves up reports of statistics such as data transferred by host, port, and protocol. It also has a neat bandwidth usage graph.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  26 Jan 2014 02:48

    Release Notes: darkstat no longer chroot()s by default. The "--base /path" functionality has been restored. A warning is emitted about graphs being blank if it can't get local IPs on an interface. darkstat no longer crashes in timer_stop() if monotonic time stops or goes backwards. Use of time_t has been fixed on OpenBSD 5.5 on 32-bit systems.

    •  14 Aug 2013 09:48

      Release Notes: This release builds on Mac OS X again, and fixes a crash bug in the Web interface.

      •  08 Aug 2013 11:39

        Release Notes: Support has been added for multiple capture interfaces, and for multiple local IPs per interface. Portability fixes have been made for NetBSD and OpenBSD. Start-up no longer fails on IPv6-incapable systems.

        •  01 Mar 2012 10:59

          Release Notes: Fixes have been made for IPv6 support, HURD, Solaris, and systems without ifaddrs.h. The last seen time is now only updated for the sender. Failure to bind a socket or get the local IP is no longer fatal. darkstat now falls back to gethostbyaddr() if getnameinfo() fails. Decoding on OpenBSD DLT_NULL interfaces (e.g. gif(4)) has been fixed.

          •  07 Jun 2011 11:38

            Release Notes: This release added support for IPv6, binding to multiple addresses, sorting by last seen time, saving of state without resetting it, and use of relative URLs for easier mod_proxying.


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