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DarcNES emulates a number of different older systems under Linux quite well. Currently emulated are NES, SMS, GG, PCE, SG1000, Apple ][, and Coleco Vision. Genesis emulation is in the works.


Recent releases

  •  06 Jun 2000 00:04

    Release Notes: Automatic dependancy support included in the Makefile. The headers now compile cleanly with a C++ compiler. Numerous Apple ][ and NES emulation enhancements. The video interface no longer uses procpointers.

    •  06 Mar 2000 07:54

      Release Notes: Keyboard support in the Apple ][ driver (only works under X), a fix for a bug with MMC3 IRQs (SMB3 fortress now works correctly), rebuilt command-line parsing for X version, and a new command to override system detection (needed to access the Apple ][ driver).

      •  27 Feb 2000 08:09

        Release Notes: Fixed bug in cd_unix.c that prevented compiling on Linux (I hope). Fixed some problems with GG sprite clipping and tile rendering (only affects 8-bit mode). Fixed X toplevel window to resize properly. Cleaned up some of the X video code. Added (untested) 24bpp support to X video code. Cleaned up the FDS emulation code. Added a lot of (inaccessible) extra FDS functionality.

        •  20 Feb 2000 04:44

          Release Notes: Unified cd_freebsd.c and cd_linux.c into cd_unix.c. Added support for NetBSD CDROM (untested), and sound interfaces (thanks to Thomas Klausner for the NetBSD changes). Lots of bug fixes including significant changes to the battery code.

          •  12 Feb 2000 21:03

            Release Notes: PCE CD support, and a new SET instruction to the 6280 core.


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