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DansGuardian is a Web content filtering proxy that uses Squid to do all the fetching. It filters using multiple methods including, but not limited to, phrase matching, file extension matching, MIME type matching, PICS filtering, and URL/domain blocking. It has the ability to switch off filtering by certain criteria including username, domain name, source IP, etc. The configurable logging produces a log in an easy to read format. It has the option to only log text-based pages, thus significantly reducing redundant information (such as every image on a page).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  15 Oct 2008 10:37

    Release Notes: The development branch has been tagged as stable.

    •  25 Sep 2006 16:13

      Release Notes: This version adds the ability to use a command line virus scanner. Some issues with OpenBSD were also fixed.

      •  09 Aug 2006 18:01

        Release Notes: A major bug in that caused it to use huge amounts of CPU has been fixed.

        •  01 Aug 2006 18:16

          Release Notes: This version alleviates the infamous "more than 60 links from this node" error as well as POST upload problems with NTLM. ICAP URLs are now correctly parsed without explicit port numbers.

          •  16 Dec 2005 15:48

            Release Notes: This release fixes problems with NTLM, including compilation on FreeBSD and when using HTTPS.

            Recent comments

            19 Jan 2003 01:36 pfortuny

            The best I've seen
            Please do purchase it. It is a pity to notice that it has been
            downloaded lots of times, it is such a good product and it has
            been paid so little.

            It is ASTOUNDING!

            Forget about the rest.

            15 Jun 2002 01:17 andrewziem

            The best
            Dansguardian's whole-filter approach is much better than just using blacklists of URLs. It installed great at work on Mandrake.

            01 Mar 2002 01:17 cxel91a

            Great Product!!!!
            I've been looking for a while to find something that could provide internet filtering for my kids. I've finally found it. This product works right out of the box. Only one line to update in the config file. Alot more managable than squidGuard banlist files. Novell's Border Manager will cost a fortune and still require you to puchase a data base for content filtering, but no need here. All dynamic.

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