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08 Jul 2005 17:31 deragon

Good tool, but comics definitions become more and more outdated.
It is a good tool, but not maintained anymore (latest change dates August 25th, 2003). Many comics definitions are now out of date and thus these comics are not downloaded anymore.

29 Apr 2001 12:05 amedico

We're Back!
Keenspot refused to answer further emails and provide a legal reason for me to stop, so development has resumed (hopefully for good).

19 Mar 2001 19:24 amedico

Discontinuation of Development
I regret that I must inform the users of dailystrips that, for the time being, I can no longer

distribute dailystrips. As some users have already become aware of, certain publishers object

to using dailystrips to make publicly available pages (some of the pages concerned were simply

private workstations that happened to be available to the internet at large - they were not

even meant to be public). This I can understand, as it can be seen as unauthorized

redistribution and copyright infringement. Fortunately, the publisher of The Thin H Line,

though initially quite unfriendly, did not pursue the matter once the page in question was no

longer publicly available. Another publisher, Keenspot (, has not been

so reasonable. They found one site displaying a few of their strips less than two weeks ago and

are now insisting that I cease distribution of my program. They do not care that it is intended

for personal use only - they claim that manner of use to be just as illegal as making a

publicly available website. I obviously do not agree with this argument but unfortunately do

not have the means to legally contest it. Instead, I will be informing them that their

unfriendly actions have lost them a once-loyal reader and that I will no longer be reading any

of their comics, in any form.

Their comics are:

Life's So Rad

It's Walky!

Lost and Found Investigations

General Protection Fault

Clan of the Cats

College Roomies From Hell!!!

Cool Cat Studio

Exploitation Now

The Class Menagerie


Joe Average


They also represent represent:


Sluggy Freelance

I encourage everyone who uses dailystrips to let Keenspot know that their actions have lost

them another reader. I hope we can show them that acting like this will get them nowhere.

Although there is nothing I can do at this time, I will be looking for options and hopefully

this situation will not be permanent.


08 Mar 2001 05:56 flow

Great script (+warning)
This is a great script, especially if you like having your lunchbreak in front of your workstation.

Thanks a lot to Andrew Medico for making this.

Just to make your life easier (and v1.0.11 and newer warn you for this), make sure that
you run this script on a place that is not
accessable to the internet (use .htaccess to shield it for example) since this will probably result in a copyright violation.

It took me about 2 retrievals to get the people behind "The Thin H Line" to scream cease and desist.

Be warned, but still go and install this now on your workstation and enjoy a great script.


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