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08 Oct 2002 14:07 anuragkaimal

Re: About Product

> The new version Really seems to be
> prommising.

I also feels the same but still there is a lot of scope in improvement.

08 Oct 2002 14:03 anuragkaimal

Good News
This Project is featured by some new things which the other databases do not have.It is very cost effective,and at the same time quality of database is also good.This new version is really a great improvenment.

20 Sep 2002 16:07 joshiamogh

Re: Daffodil DB Project Announcement
Thanks to help in recovering the error in submisstion.

18 Sep 2002 13:58 GhanshyamGehlot

About Product
The new version Really seems to be prommising.

06 Sep 2002 11:06 pgulutzan

Daffodil DB Project Announcement
The project announcement page lists Daffodil DB as a "Shareware" license, but the Daffodil "pricing" page says there is a royalty for each copy embedded in an application, and the developer version (which is free) is called an "Evaluation" copy. Am I misunderstanding what the conventional shareware definition is, or is this "Shareware License" label an error?

Peter Gulutzan
Co-Author, SQL Performance Tuning


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