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05 Sep 2001 01:22 epretorious

I've cruised MM's home and it looks really slick.
I've got a few questions though:

1. Is it possible for subscribers to confirm subscription
requests via e-mail?

2. Can archives be ordered by different criteria? e.g., thread, by author, by date?

3. Can the message fields (From:,
To:, Subject:, etc.) be displayed in archived messages?

4. Can Mojo Mail be configured to work with

5. Does Mojo Mail handle bounced messages?

Eric P.

Los Gatos, CA

11 Aug 2000 02:46 leaddadaist

Unprintable characters... fixed!
ok, i don't know what was going on (here, here's me wondering:)


but i turned on "show invisibles" in BBEdit and right where you were having trouble were some really weird things, about 8 upside down question marks highlighted in red. I don't know what that's supposed to mean, maybe a gremlin, but the real mystery is why it worked for me, on different systems, on different machines, and not for _some_ other people. hmm...

If anyone has any insight on this, it would be much appreciated, this is probably a BBEdit thing

I posted the "clean" versions up at: (

and tested it out, downloading the tar, untarred it in a directory, editing it in pico and chmoding it, worked just super.

I'll make sure the new version gets the same treatment before i make too too many changes. To be honest, Mojo Mail 2.1 looks like it'll be released by september, its already got some amazing new features :)

11 Aug 2000 02:20 leaddadaist

weird characters

hey daniel, i've had the same problem with other people, but never myself :) I used BBedit to make the script, and saved the file as unix not mac so i don't know what the doodle is going on,

what download did you use? I've tested the zip, tar and sit archives (all of em) and everything works fine for me, even when i untar them on the server and check the syntax there.

I'll go through the code tommorrow and figure out if i can see whats up. i'd write the code out here, but the PHP freshmeat gizzmo is coughing on it,

09 Aug 2000 20:01 feenberg

I had some problems with getting this going:

At line 244 there are 8 unprintable characters after the left parenthesis which bothers my Perl interpreter and both
of my text editors.

At line 981 there is a complaint from Perl that
$old_password needs an explicit package name.

Perl version 5.6.0 for FreeBSD i386.

I'd be interested in the solution to the latter problem (I
am assuming that I can just remove the unprintable characters from line 244).


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