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Cyphertite is a tar-like secure remote archiver. It deduplicates, compresses, and encrypts data prior to transmission, providing total privacy while reducing unnecessary wire traffic. It seamlessly supports IPv6 and IPv4 on a variety of platforms.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  11 Jun 2014 18:45

    Release Notes: This release fixed a bug within the updater notification logic. The Backup Browser now shows (up to) the 20 most recent backups by default, with the option to expand and show all of them. The Settings page now allows the user to define the maximum number of incremental CT Files that will be created. There were minor bugfixes and a cleanup.

    •  26 Feb 2014 20:09

      Release Notes: Adds the ability to edit a scheduled backup. Adds buttons to immediately run a scheduled backup and remove selected paths from the Create/Edit backup page. Fixes a bug where directories containing very large numbers of files could fail to display in the Backup Browser (message: "The file name is invalid"). Fixes a bug where backups containing paths in excess of ~180 characters could fail to extract. Handles paths in excess of the 260 character Windows "limit". Fixes a bug where systems set to 24 hour locales were unable to select hours 13-24 when scheduling a backup.

      •  06 Jan 2014 20:22

        Release Notes: There is an all new look and feel in Windows. This release complete reworks the Windows user interface in the areas of simplicity, performance, and intuitive use without any compromise to the security of your data. The landing page is broken up into four “live” tiles that update in real-time to provide contextual information to the user. The tiles also provide navigation into the four major areas in the product: Create, Browse, Status, and Settings. This release strives to make each of these areas clear, concise, and linear.

        •  13 Nov 2013 19:54

          Release Notes: A fopen compatibility layer was added. Issues with hardlinks on extract and with the destination filename in ctfb were fixed. A non-zero value is returned if an error occurs when listing a ctfile. Excess looping in the socket code was prevented. Support for checking the current Cyphertite version was added. New socket_rcvbuf and socket_sndbuf options were added for setting the size of the respective socket buffers. The default was set to 64K.

          •  18 Oct 2013 15:19

            Release Notes: In the Windows version, a bug in Web GUI where the duration of queued backups could be incorrectly calculated and a bug with Crypto Passphrase printing where characters could overlap on the printout if certain character sequences were present were fixed. On Unix/Linux, a bug on extract with -p where empty directories were not set with the correct ownership and permissions was fixed. The libevent handler now loops to read/write as much as possible.


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