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cxmon is an interactive command-driven file manipulation tool inspired by the "Amiga Monitor" by Timo Rossi. It has commands and features similar to a machine code monitor/debugger, but it lacks any functions for running/tracing code. There are, however, built-in PowerPC, 680x0, 80x86, 6502 and Z80 disassemblers and special support for disassembling MacOS code. cxmon is primarily intended for emulation development but it can be used as a generic tool for manipulating and analyzing binary data and machine code, or just as a hex calculator.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  21 Jan 2007 21:59

    Release Notes: AltiVec instructions were added to the PowerPC disassembler, and bugs in the 680x0 and Z80 disassemblers were fixed.

    •  20 Apr 2004 20:21

      Release Notes: An x86-64 disassembler was added, the line length restrictions in the input parser were removed, and specifying the "-m" option now predefines Mac OS LowMem globals as variables.


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