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19 Feb 2013 13:37 naum1958

There is a potential NULL pointer usage if second attempt to allocate storage for user's groups fails. There is no check for calloc status.

21 Oct 2010 23:39 wililupy

Love how easy it is to setup and get running. Only thing is how hard would it be to add functionality to print to differnt folder locations based on different print queues?
Example would be someone needs to print to a community share for one queue and another group needs to print to another community share in landscape.

13 Oct 2010 14:14 akeiron

Hello guys, this is a GREAT project.
However I dare to ask for a truly minor feature, which I think would be very useful to a lot of people out there, and so easy to implement. As far as I can tell, cups-pdf writes PDF files using the name of the job/file/whatever... This is good BUT a problem arises when a file with that name already exists. Why not to add a suffix like (1), (2), (3), (4), ecc. in that case, so that one can print many different documents with the same name without bothering about older files being overwritten? There is a lot of crappy windows software that behaves like that, which would greatly benefit a simple feature like this. Regards.

12 Feb 2010 19:19 rstanley

Are there any plans to preserve the hyperlinks in a PDF such as when called to print an HTML page from a browser such as Firefox? I would ask for an option that could be turned on or off. In, the export to PDF does preserve the hyperlinks. Thank you.


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