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CUON is an ERP system with a powerful document management system. The server runs on Linux systems. The client works on Linux, Windows, and some small PDAs like the Nokia N800. You can manage addresses, articles, projects, and so on. On some installations, more than 1,000,000 adresses are supported. CUON has its own report server to build documents and reports and a Web server for iCal and scheduling.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  09 Jun 2010 15:08

    Release Notes: New GPL modules for Garden, Hibernation, Botany, and Graveyard and support for company-wide Twitter accounts. Emails now automatically go into the DMS. A new search function was provided. A parts list was added for articles and material groups. SIP calls are now supported.

    •  27 Aug 2009 16:46

      Release Notes: This release has a twitter client in the main window, new search functions in addresses, and a new GUI. The extra module graves is now a fast append for articles. The client psyco is used if it is installed. Rewriting of the SQL queries as PL/pgSQL routines has begun. There are many new shortcuts and a new GUI for the most important modules.

      •  17 Mar 2009 23:45

        Release Notes: With this new release (named "Trondheim"), you can contact the C.U.O.N. server with a mobile phone or a PDA, and with all Internet clients that have a Jabber Client. The AI will transfer the message to a SQL query and send the result back.

        •  27 Jan 2008 14:42

          Release Notes: The statistics have been extended. The fields for holidays and sickness were added to the employee data. New fields were added in the address management: founding date, legal form, number of employees, turnover, and activity area. External email works now. A new module was added for a new format for the DMS. It is called Mind Maps and Vym is supported. Some minor bugs and improvements were also done.

          •  17 Oct 2007 14:26

            Release Notes: The GUI alternatives were expanded for various claims. There is currently "alternate1" as a streamlined version and "maemo" for Nokia N800. New projects will be created from the addresses. The existing orders, invoices, and projects can be seen from the addresses. The addresses can be related to the contract, invoice, or project directly across.


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