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15 Dec 2003 07:32 psychonaut

I installed this program from the source tarball, couldn't get it to work, and was disappointed that there is no uninstall target in the Makefile. What's worse, the program decides it's so important that it turns off its write bit. Anyway, I had to read through the Makefile to figure out what got installed and where so that I could manually delete everything.

27 Jul 2003 10:19 pyziur

inline_file function
Thanks, for the program.

One function which I can't seem to activate is the use of header.html and footer.html. I've looked over the code and see that they are called at:

if (-e "$InlineFiles/$header") {
if ($InlineFiles ne "") {
$str .= inline_file ("$InlineFiles/$header");
} else {
$str .= "<!--#include virtual=\"" . $header . "\" paco: $InlineFiles --><br>\n";


However, I doesn't seem to invoke inline_file even though
the variable $InlineFiles/$header is passed correctly to
this point.

I've skimmed through the called modules:
use URI::Escape;
use HTML::Entities;
use IO::Handle;
use POSIX;
and a few others to see if this function is there and
have come up short.

Any suggestions on how to proceed here? Is it that I still
need to install a CPAN module?


Max Pyziur

01 Jul 2003 13:14 jrjohns3

The Perfect Program for Web Images!
I have been using this program for a while and I am especially happy that the files are .html instead of .shtml (now opera and netscape are happy).
Jake @ (

07 Jul 2000 21:44 mclstr

This package rocks.
Very clean, easy to use and great for newbies.
I set it up quick and I have no development skills.
Thanks for such a great contribution.
Although I'd like to see more documentation, it is the most polished of
all the "web photo album" packages I've seen.
I actually, now have a web album.

14 Jan 1999 09:47 AHinMaine

cthumb 1.0
I'd like a program like this, but this one seems to require that you do it in two languages. While this would be useful to some people, it would be nice if this was an option instead.


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