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Ctcompare allows you to compare several sets of C, Java, Python, or Perl code trees on a token basis, rather than on a line by line basis. These programs help to identify code copying and similarities between snippets of code in both trees, even if the actual lines are dissimilar.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  12 Dec 2011 01:46

    Release Notes: This release adds memory and performance improvements (up to two times faster than the 3.1 codebase), several other lexers, and the new flags -s (to split large code trees), and -u (to break up num,num,num,num runs in CTF files so that these runs of tokens are not compared).

    •  26 Dec 2009 00:07

      Release Notes: The codebase was completely rewritten, making the tool 5 to 10 times faster than the 2.x versions. The codebase is now structured as a library with command-line front-end tools.

      •  17 Feb 2008 07:09

        Release Notes: ctcompare's speed has been doubled, with some hand-coding of the hotspot loops. A new database has been added, with read speeds comparable to Berkeley DB 4, but with faster write speeds. Compile-time support for code comparisons within a source tree has been added.

        •  05 Feb 2008 10:54

          Release Notes: Significant comparison performance improvements (8 times or more).

          •  28 Jan 2008 00:10

            Release Notes: Speed has been significantly improved, especially when there are large amounts of similarities between code trees. This release has a command line option to sort the results by the number of tokens in a run. Initial support for Java source files has been added.


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