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Ctalk adds classes, methods, operator overloading, inheritance, and complex object expressions to otherwise standard C programs. Programs can use only a few Ctalk objects and methods in an otherwise standard C program, but the language can be used to write entire programs also. Ctalk works on most if not all of the systems that support GCC, the GNU C compiler. The package includes the language, class and run-time libraries, example programs, tutorial, and language reference.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  17 Jun 2014 16:46

    Release Notes: This release adds support for specifying X Window System resource classes in X11 pane object windows, an improved subsystem to handle C variables with multiple subscripts, and a more flexible build process.

    •  07 Jun 2014 16:51

      Release Notes: This release fixes a memory leak, and adds many methods that include parsing command line arguments, setting a window's dimensions, getting the dimensions of a terminal screen, overloading the methods that initialize windows, updates to ANSIWidgetPane and ANSITextPane, and others. This release also improves support for complex array and struct C variables within expressions, and improves reliability with additional checks when processing overloaded methods and complex or nested statements.

      •  17 May 2014 16:45

        Release Notes: This release adds support for drawing XPM graphics in X11 windows, the ctxlogo demonstration program, updated argument checking at runtime, an implementation of the "continue" keyword within argument blocks, updates to the ctpp preprocessor, and many minor bugfixes and performance improvements.

        •  10 May 2014 16:22

          Release Notes: This release adds new semantics to the "super" keyword for use in code blocks, faster class variable lookup using hash tables, support for C variable expressions in code block scope, and updates to the ANSITextBoxPane, ANSIButtonPane, and other classes, and upgrades the "methods" example program into a simple documentation utility. This release also contains many minor bug fixes and speedups.

          •  17 Apr 2014 17:10

            Release Notes: This release adds the ability to overload methods with different numbers of arguments, and also many internal updates, especially to improve the language's ability to translate objects between C and Ctalk, as well as improve compatibility with older compilers. It fixes minor bugs and adds minor performance and ease-of-use improvements.


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